What sets Pilates On Page apart from the rest is how much we C.A.R.E.about you, the client. Whether you have been coming to POP for 14 years or just dropping into a group class for the first time, we are committed to helping you achieve a more balanced life through the Pilates work. Yes, it is work, but it is worth it!


We are dedicated to serving all walks of life and building a community of connected folks through the Pilates work at POP.


Achievement of our client’s goals is our goal. Whether it be walking up or down the stairs after knee surgery or running a marathon, we work to meet your goals.


Respect for our client’s injuries whether it be a low back issue, a sports related injury, post natal care, etc. The teachers at POP can guide each individual skillfully by using modifications, assessments, and a full evaluation.


Empowerment is what POP ultimately strives to give back to each client.


Pilates Privates & Semi Privates

Private sessions take place with the client and the teacher moving around the room doing appropriate exercises on each of the apparatus. Each POP teacher gives the client a full evaluation and or a fitness assessment to be able to devise a program based on the individual’s needs and goals. Privates may be done once a week or every day if the individual wants. It depends on how much torture one can endure. Rates per session are based on the instructor’s experience.
We try to match clients with the best fitting instructor for that client’s schedule, injuries, fitness level, personality.

Pilates Reformer Group Classes

We offer small group classes on our new Balanced Body Allegro 2 Reformers. We limit the size to just 5 students which ensures a lot of individual attention, hence no cheating! These innovative reformers provide infinite exercise possibilities for movement invention. Our group class programming tries to include all fitness levels and ages, depending on the class. These classes are a fun and more economic option to continue to do Pilates longterm. They are also a great way to supplement privates. Classes range in style from a Cardio Kick Butt Class to a Candlelit Restorative Class. We offer pre-natal classes and a class designed for our Active Agers, students over 60+, as examples of the diversity of our clients.

Pilates Mat Class

The Pilates Mat work is all about control of your body and mind, focusing intensely for 55 minutes. Because there is no use of equipment, the exercises flow effortlessly without pause. We incorporate the Classic Pilates Mat repertoire along with teaching innovative exercises created for the bodies in front of us. Clients report leaving the studio with more positivity, and less pain.
These classes are the most economical option.

Pilates for Rehab

Joseph Pilates developed this unique system for all types of bodies with all types of injuries in mind. Many of the teachers at POP have specialized Pilates for Rehabilitation Certifications through Polestar, an internationally recognized program designed specifically for Rehabilitating patients using Pilates. We can coordinate with your Doctor, PT or Chiropractor to ensure you’re getting the best care.

*We ask that no one with an acute injury come to a group class. **Please consider having at least a private before embarking into a group class. This will maximize your benefits because we can help you more effectively in a group setting.




Founder POP! Pilates on Page

Jennifer Bishop-Orsulak  first studied Pilates, Kinesiology, and Anatomy at the University of Utah, where she earned her BFA in Dance. While furthering her dance career in NYC, she continued to use Pilates as a form of treating injuries. Jennifer moved to SF in 2000 and was certified by Carol Appel at Body Kinetics where she taught until she co-founded POP! in 2002.


POP! is very fortunate to have a wonderful group of highly trained and talented staff. All of our trainers are certified pilates trainer and most have additional certification in other areas. Many are ex-dancers, physical therapist or movement specialists.

Reem Abhoukhater
Mandi Bateman
Amelia Bovento
Lisa Bower
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Joseph Levinson
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